I think this would be fun.

Yall know how we all represented as PSD's _____

And for those that haven't, pick an alter ego (Saints player) and get in this thread!

Ok so at this point in the season what would you say to us in the forum or just in general if you were your PSD alter ego

Here's mine

PSD's Darren Sproles says stop knocking my game bro.

You know I'm the fastest weapon we have on O.

I had a great return to practice and

Plus I'm a threat to take it to the house on any play.

I'm the best KR/PR on the squad but Im too rich to just do that and I'm too talented.

No one catches the ball out the backfield better than me!

I'm cool wiith taking a few less touches but my team needs me too.

Or else instead of Ivory trade me then and get you a OT or a defensive player.

Good luck with that though cause Breesy is my main man. He's got my back and will get me the ball and keep me on the team.

Yall just dogging me cause I'm short

When I get back and start running 30 40 yard plays and catching big TDs in the redzone, dont be screaming my name...............

next to Jimmy I'm the best redzone target we have....shut up Colston....you always talking.