I have legitimate concerns they will never be able to pay for larger market FAs again under this ownership.

Still not a reason for Selig to step in. Had he stepped in when teams didn't go after larger market free agents there would be a lot fewer ballclubs in the game

Maybe they quell our concerns going forward in regards to payroll but that's going to take financial commitment. Something the Wilpons have had a hard doing the last 2 offseasons and this offseason.

The concern I want quelled is whether they have a plan, or better yet if they know what the hell they're doing. Giving Hamilton and Greinke 150 million dollars will not quell my fears but inhance them

Payroll that was already there in regards to Bay, Santana, Ollie, Castillo, etc etc is there regardless of whether they spend money. They haven't shown a commitment to do that.

For the time being I'm OK with them not adding payroll. They're just not good enough to think signing free agents is going to make them into a legit contender anyway

I know this team is in a transitional period and going through an organizational shift in how to build a sustaining successful ballclub (although that is arguable) but i hope when the time comes to spend money again they can do it.

^^ Now right there is something I am worried about. When the time does come will they put up the necesary money to build a winner. Not too confident on that I'll give you.

With close to 60 million dollars coming off the books going into the 2014 season, i want to believe the Wilpons will start spending money but who knows to be honest.

Hate to be the bearer of bad news but there isn't a Pedro, Beltran, Wagner and Delgado to target when that money comes off the books.