Matt Sosnick...agent for Josh Johnson....appeared on the FAN today...a few of his comments.

- JJ excited to come to Toronto, believes Jays have chance to win AL East. Excited to get out of Florida, fresh start.

- Miami franchise destroyed, guys want out of there as quick as they can. Players left there are really ticked off. He still represents Ricky Nolasco

- Anthopoulos very cautious about stuff, from agent's viewpoint he is a very good GM. Alex felt time to go all in. This trade will be his legacy.

- First contract players looking for financial security. Examples were Matt Moore, Jay Bruce. JJ has already had that. Now, players looking to win.

- Taxes are way of life, not an issue to JJ, he still makes big money.

- Thinks more to this trade. AA took on a lot of money. NYY and Texas willing to give up a ton for JJ. Against way Anthopoulos does business not to listen and try to acquire more talent.

- How this trade works out will have great bearing on value of these two franchises