I dont really think you guys understand the world of hurt we are potentially in here. Its very rare that a coach comes right in and expectations are met. A system takes a while to install and be put to the test and work. Not to mention you need specific players to be surrounded.

Im sorry to say but I think we might be in for a long ride... making the HEAD COACH CRUCIAL!

Im going to make this into a pretty debated post. I will start first with Coaches. Here I will go over all coaches and my view points on them.

I will then go onto the players. Man this organization is about to be flipped upside down.... early 90s here we come again!!!!

Andy Reid - sadly all but gone. I believe he should personally put all feelings aside, allow his sack to drop a bit more and go back to BIG RED days...and not Soft Gingy...Fire everyone under him and rebuild his staff. Regardless I still think hes gone

Marty Mornhinweg - we need a new play caller up in this....sorry call it on Andy all you want hes just passing along whats relayed to him from a source he "trusts" (a bit too much). Marty calls the plays guys say what you want. He needs to be gone more-so then Andy. Raise your hand if your sick and tired of Pass on 1st, pass on 2nd, run on 3rd and long.

Todd Bowles - Sadly he might get fired for being put into a sticky situation. Although I do love what he did with Miami's secondary.. i mean look at that secondary now in Miami...its in shambles. I hope we can retain him, but I think hes in part of this Armageddon too.

Bobby April - Ugh, we are bottom 3 in both punt return kickoff return AND ALSO punt recieve and kickoff receive. Please... all that hype... I remember when we brought him here "HES THE BEST SPECIAL TEAMS COACH EVVVVVFFFFUUURRRRRR" sure....proof is in the pudding. Bye bye

Bob April - For some of you that dont know this is our "Defensive Quality Control" Needless to say he will be gone as well.

Mike Caldwell - Our Linebackers coach ....one of the few positions we did well in and I think he has always done a good job since we recently brought him on at what was given to him. He should be fine.

David Culley - Culley is the WR coach and Offensive Assistant coach... Considering the lack of production from the "great" WRs we have, I feel he may of seen his last day too.

Tom Melvin - TE coach... hes fine. I wish we kept Chase Ford and go with 2 TE set like the Pats do. Man that Ford kid can run routes and has AMAZING HANDS.. 6'7"

Howard Mudd - OLine coach - I wish he stays I think we will offer him to stay given what we provided for him but honestly.. I believe he says SCREW THIS... and retires

Matt Nagy - Hes our "offensive quality control" but honestly this is the guy that teaches every player the playbook and works with them all... this guy is a WIZZ and honestly very very under-rated in this organization. A former gunslinger himself he was originally brought here as what ppl thought was to be a QB...the NFL did not allow that so we kept him as a coach he has been doing an amazing job since. Would love for him to step up in more of an offensive mind role.

Doug Pederson - QB coach and the real brains behind it all. He better be fine. Only way he goes is to follow ship with Andy. He is the one that called out VY (Vince Young) for not having the "IQ" to learn the Eagles system lol.

Duce Staley - Specials teams Quality - Would like to see him and Ted Williams join forces and be the RB coaches together. I mean lets get real, Staley was good in his early days at special teams, but clearly thats our weakest ripple in this team. Love him as a player but dont know if he stays here.

Jim Washburn - DLine Coach - Love his presence love his attitude and his talk. But hes not backing any of it up. We went out and got him every piece he could of ever wanted...and yet were bottom 3 for sacks on the year...wow...Sorry Washy...Titans were right, you're washed up. Cant believe I just said that... later man!

Ted Williams - RB coach. I love Ted Williams...he was the one that brought us Staley, Buckhalter, BWEST!! and now McCoy...Williams wanted to move BACK INTO THE FIRST ROUND and draft McCoy but we got lucky. I dont know if Williams stays honestly... I hope he does, but hes going to be 69 and honestly he might just retire.

Michael Zordich - CB/S coach. Prime example of why we need to stop hiring within....go get the best out there and stop settling for "former" players that played in Philly. This is a business not a fan gathering

Barry Rubin - Conditioning Coach - Rubin is one of the best in the business I would be SHOCKED to see him go...