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    Jul 2010
    Knicks should sign Derrick caracter

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    Mar 2012
    knicks are the best team of all time they don't need stat.

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    Apr 2011
    New York
    Too early to tell. At least let the guy come back and play with the current team before making a judgement.

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    Jul 2007
    Not on paper; but he can come from the bench.

    That will make them even better...

    "Killer Instinct"

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    Jan 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by Blitzbolt View Post
    knicks are the best team of all time they don't need stat.
    1996 Bulls can't see this Knicks team son

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    Nov 2011
    All depends on his health. If he returns healthy and willing to step out his comfort zone, Coach woodson will make it work and the Knicks will be that much better. If not healthy, I am sure Woody will keep him on a short leash.

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    Oct 2010
    That remains to be seen. It's so interesting to see this topic even being discussed; this has to be the first time in the history of the league that people are discussing the potential detriment a perennial All-Star player can cause for a team with his return to them.

    The guy isn't over the hill yet; he's still only 29 and he has most of his athleticism still intact. His dunk last year in the last game of the season against the Bobcats over Tyrus Thomas erased any doubts Knicks fans had about the guys athleticism.

    The idea that he clogs the paint too much with Melo and Tyson in the game is also a bit of a misnomer. Up until last year, the guy had one of the most automatic mid range jumpers in the game. I'd argue he had the best mid range jumper for any big man not named Dirk Nowitzki for probably the past 5 years. I'd imagine most Suns fans would echo that statement as well

    Last year he dealt with a myriad of issues, both on and off the court. His jumper was completely off, and most Knick fans attributed it to his back injury from the previous year in the playoffs. Not making excuses for the guy, but as long as he regains the form on his jumper, which was so consistent for him for the better part of a half decade, than this frontcourt should probably work.

    The only time really that him and Melo have been injury free and playing together for a good period of time was right after Linsanity when Lin got injured and Melo was leading the team into the playoffs with that excellent run he had in the last month of the season. Him and Stat played around 10-12 games and they looked very good playing together and Knick fans started to see glimpses of the damage these 2 guys can cause when they're healthy.

    I think the concern most Knick fans have of him is what kind of defensive intensity will he bring when he does come back? This team has been playing so good defensively that some people are actually reticent to see Stat's return. It only takes one bad apple on the defensive end to ruin things for the other 4 guys. I hope Amar'e is able to make a full recovery and gets back to his All Star level, which he hopefully should.

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    Jun 2011
    Being 5-0 doesnt make us world beaters. Our defense MIGHT be good enough to mask stoudemire's deficiencies. We will need his offense when teams game-plan for Melo in the playoffs.

    He's the worst contract in the league and one of the worst defenders, but we are better with him than without in the long run.

    Ron Paul 2012

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    Quote Originally Posted by xxplayerxx23 View Post
    Sick of these Knick threads enouggh they are playingw ell. Melo at the 4 is great but Melo can't guard the bigger 4s. Hopefully Amare works out.
    Neither can Amare.

    Quote Originally Posted by rhymeratic View Post
    Shoot I'd even put up Glen Rice and Mitch Richmond in their prime at or slightly better than James. Even Glenn Robinson who is a forgotten beast.

    Quote Originally Posted by LoveMeOrHateMe View Post
    Kobe GOAT LOL
    ^Finally got one.

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