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    Coaching changes coming to the SEC

    - For last weeks game against Troy there was over 40,000 no shows for Tennessee down in Knoxville. That amounts to a $1.5-2 million loss in revenue for the program. That is unacceptable and when you factor in the performance it all but guarantees that Derek Dooley is gone at the end of the year.

    - The main reason that Joker Phillips got the plug this week.... The 18,000 fans for their game against Vanderbilt. Which means they had nearly 55,000 empty seats.

    - Gene Chizik is gonna be out at Auburn and likely to be replaced by Bobby Petrino. Auburn is already making preparations to get rid of Chizik and according to Petrino's father he has already talked to one SEC team and it almost has to be Auburn.

    - All the rumors have been that Charlie Strong could very likely be going to Arkansas. Well Charlie Strong said in a recent interview that isn't gonna leave Louisville. We will see but what does that mean for Arkansas?

    If Bobby Petrino goes to Auburn it puts a good deal of pressure on Arkansas to make a big hire. If Bobby Petrino goes to Kentucky it puts an amazing amount of pressure on Tennessee to make a big hire.

    Marcus Mariota

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    I'm hearing Petrino might get blackballed from the SEC. We'll see. I'd like to see Kiffin to Auburn just to piss Saban off each year. LOL

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