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    Would you have (Miami Marlins edition)???

    Basically my question is would you have traded Castro for what the Marlins gave up?

    Now I am sure we would have had to had sent some additional stuff with it, perhaps a Vitters or Jackson and then something else small, but my basic question is would you have done it?

    Using Ronins salaries from the mock thing trading off Castro (but nothing else because well I don't want to speculate on what it would have been, but we all know that the deal could have been done pretty easily because while the one was a top 100 spect the other was alright and Castro is definitely more valuable than Escobar).

    Here is what I have:

    Name	 Salary 	Position
    John Buck	 $6,000,000 	SC
    Anthony Rizzo	 $400,000 	S1B
    Darwin Barney	 $500,000 	S2B
    Jose Reyes	 $10,000,000 	SSS
    Alfonso Soriano	 $19,000,000 	SLF
    Emilio Bonifaci	 $2,500,000 	SCF
    David DeJesus	 $4,250,000 	SRF
    Welington C.	 $400,000 	BUC
    Brett Jackson	 $400,000 	BUOF
    Ian Stewart	 $2,300,000 	BUINF
    Luis Valbuena*	 $900,000 	BUINF
    Brian LaHair	 $400,000 	BULHB
    Matt Garza	 $10,000,000 	SP1
    Josh Johnson	 $13,750,000 	SP2
    Jeff Samardzija	 $2,900,000 	SP3
    Mark Buehrle	 $11,000,000 	SP4
    Travis Wood	 $400,000 	SP5
    Carlos Marmol	 $9,800,000 	Closer
    James Russell*	 $900,000 	Setup
    Rafael Dolis	 $400,000 	MR
    Michael Bowden	 $400,000 	MR
    Lendy Castillo	 $400,000 	MR
    Alberto Cab 	 $400,000 	MR
    Brooks Raley	 $400,000 	MU
    Steve Clevenger	 $400,000 	ML
    Tony Campana	 $400,000 	ML
    Jorge Soler	 $1,660,000 	ML
    Gerardo Con	 $1,200,000 	ML
    Arodys Vizcaino	 $400,000 	ML
    Jeff Beliveau	 $400,000 	ML
    Josh Vitters	 $400,000 	ML
    Chris Rusin	 $400,000 	ML
    Total Salary	 $97,060,000 	
    Flexibility	 $22,940,000
    And thats without a 3B. According to Jim Bowden we could get someone like Youkilis to play 3B for around 9 million a year, which still puts us only around 106 million dollars or with 14 million to play with (assuming a 120 million dollar budget). Now I know that in the future Reyes gets expensive, but we also lose Soriano after another year.

    I don't know if I would have done it or not, but honestly I think that this team is pretty good. A lineup of:


    Wouldn't be too bad, and a rotation of Garza/Johnson/Buehrle/Shark/Wood would be solid too, not to mention we still could have signed Baker for the 5th spot as well.

    Bullpen is a little weak, but manageable.

    I don't know I think with that trade that would be a team that could possibly be ready to compete in 2013.

    So again.

    Would you have made the trade if given the chance of sending Castro+ for basically the Miami Marlins (sans Mike Stanton)?
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