As a non Steelers fan and not living in the Penn area I have only seen a few reports on Ben's injury situation. My FF question to you all is if you have any info from what you've heard locally as to how long Ben could be out. My FF team WAS doing very well but my QB situation was Ben as my starter, Vick as my backup and Cutler as my back up to back up. Needless to say I am hurting at QB now as none of those three made it to the second half of thier respective games this past weekend. Anyway, if Ben is only going to be out for a week or maybe two i could get by with waiver claims on lesser QBs but if he's going to be out for a few weeks or more then I need to make a serious trade. Oh yea, and by the way, my trade deadline is tonight so I need to make a decision today. Any info you guys might have is appreciated. Thanks.