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Most football players aren't smart, I'm not being racist, just observant, and I mean all races of football players. The education they receive throughout life is a joke and they are just a piece of meat to their coaches who make sure they have no repercussions off the field.

To a certain extend it's not all their fault that these are the people who taught them values in life, but once they get into the NFL they are men, time to start making your own decisions. The NCAA needs to get their **** in order and really start making sure we aren't sending uneducated men with the mind of a teenager to an adult game.

This does not surprise me in the least, we need more standup players in the NFL well like Tebow. Being an agnostic, I HATE how he puts his religion in our faces. But you know what, he's a man, he actually contributes and gives back to the society and the poor.

Time to change this whole thug culture, take away the punching bags and give them some books.
The education offered to them is limitless. It's an opportunity that they all had for the taking. Some took advantage, others didn't but don't tell me they didn't have the opportunity. They did. If they were out of their league by attending an elite scholastic program, that's on them. These are young adults facing the same questions all of us did growing up. No need to blame the NCAA simply because they exploit them for big cash. They do get a great benefit in attending the school for free that many of us are still paying loans off for the privilege.
Tebow has the right to express himself any way he pleases. This is supposed to be a land of freedoms - religious and speech are just two of many. Stop with the opression to suit your sensibilities. Be more accepting and grow up.