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    Boston's season due to Pierce

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    Good Lord man.... you've had your morning coffee, haven't you! Think I should have had mine before attempting to read your post.

    I think what you are saying is, Paul Pierce encapsulates the Celtic way and can be the steadying influenence and driving force that leads to #18. That Paul Pierce, to borrow from the University of Michigan, is a "Celtic Man" embodying what it is and means to be a Celtic.
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    I think Pierce has come a long way since KG showed up. But since KG showed up, in their own ways they not Allen and not Rondo (until perhaps now) the two of them call the tune.

    I frankly do not see another title with them playing, but, having them do their best, and retire at the right time is about the most I can ask for now.

    Titles are harder to win now then Bird's time. Bird's time harder then Cowens, and Russells time much easier then Bird or KG/PP's time. So don't count their greatness in titles. Both rank in the all time great Celts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MattyG View Post
    Posting an original thread, nonetheless, on what is probably this website's most intelligent forum w/ all of the regulars here, please be patient with me as I try to substantiate for this crucial point, having exhausted for all efforts here after an hour to come up with video evidence of it, whatever....

    A few days ago, prior to this past weekend, I watched a short video on ESPN or the NBA TV cable channel while falling asleep that had something to do in reference to "Soundbite clips," which showed Pierce patting Rondo on the stomach midcourt during an away game (Had to have been in Miami or Washington, as this was before the two recent away games), when Pierce CALMLY told Rondo, "Just remember what I told you now," at which point he sort of hugged him. Despite all of the media stuff nationally, Rondo responded as KIND AS COULD BE to Paul.

    A diehard fan of C's since I was young, born in 77, up here in the upper Midwest within miles of the Canadian border~, I came to love this organization because of Bird, McHale, DJ and Ainge, like most here, I suspect. The older fans having captured even more of this than I would've in all of the right ways.

    When it comes to the HEART of a player, though, such across all of the various dialogue w/ Allen having left, all things else....etc, the fact that Paul Pierce is still with this club and generally orchestrating for all things, presumably, both on and off the court, somewhere along the lines, at least in the org's history, his name should be mentioned with the greatest that have been, I think.

    Much like Bird (The childhood hero), there's something about Pierce that doesn't necessarily correlate with a certain degree of "Perfection" of the x's and o's. KG, Bird, even McHale, didn't either, I think (DJ and Ainge, included).

    Somewhere in the crossfire of everything, in other words, might I be able to suggest that this club's chemistry, despite the relative slow start, may just afford for what we're all hoping for as fans by March, or so, blatently suggesting that a very slight part of the Ray Allen demeanor might've been a cancer in recent years.

    As much as I (Truly) respect Ray Allen as a person, and as much I know just how much their current roster and any of us here would have our you know what's busted if playing for Doc, their current line-up and personalities may just prove, in the end, that if you were to ever ask for that perfect happy medium, at any level, the remarkably strong, yet remarkably kind (And calm) nature of Paul Pierce is what may/can afford for a league championship, at any level.

    Aware that, if as I suspect that many here are Pats fans, this type of thing goes right out the door, albeit not to take away from the chemistry of the players on that NFL club themselves.

    Maybe, just maybe, though, a lot of what we love about the C's doesn't have to do with the NFL in the first place, and that in the end, certain chemistry standards underscore for special and unique things in the sense that the hope for the storyline doesn't become generic (LA's orchestrated and generic storyline the past 25 years, etc).

    All things said, I can't imagine those still loving this game for ALL OF THE RIGHT WAYS wouldn't be rooting for the C's this season, as you'd think (Even if in hindsight), that the banner would sort of incorporate for almost everything we still sort of cling to as fans and the human heart both, if raised next fall.......
    I think P. Pierce is piece of this team. I don't think P. Pierce will be the reason this team wins or losses a NBA Title.

    This Celtic team runs off K. Garnett and R. Rondo. Garnett's heart/ passion, Rondo speed/ quickness.

    I don't know how much P. Pierce has left? Kobe Bryant seems to have a lot more than P. Pierce, and Kobe played longer than Paul.

    Maybe Kobe wants it more, maybe Kobe has better discipline, better offseason, better practice at his craft.

    Not comparing Paul to Kobe, just using an example.

    Yes, P. Pierce will go down as a great celtic, but he's not playing #5 spot, rebounding 15 boards game, closing out games, and that's what 2012 Celtics need to get to NBA Finals.

    PS_ I do love the Bird's days also Matty

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