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  • Pagan

    7 20.00%
  • Bourn

    8 22.86%
  • Swisher

    15 42.86%
  • B.J. Upton

    5 14.29%
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    Dec 2006
    Golden 1 Center

    Assume contracts are equal..

    Assuming all 3 players receive the same contract, which would you want the Giants to sign if they can only sign 1?

    Pagan, Swisher, B.J. Upton, or Bourn.
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    Sep 2006
    I vote for Swisher


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    Apr 2010
    San Francisco, CA
    Swisher. He's been the most consistent and productive player of all four and is the best hitter. Plus his defense is good.

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    Feb 2008

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    [x]resign Pagan/Affeldft/Marco
    []sign HAMILTON Awww
    [ ] sign G.Sizemore/T.Harfner BENCH 1y - 1 mil
    [ ] sign Mike Adams 3y - 12mil
    [ ] resign the BEARD/MVPOSEY (make it rain sabs)
    [ ] REPEAT 3 outta 4

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    Jul 2008

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    Aug 2007
    I think Upton has the most talent in that group, hes just so inconsistent. Swisher is the safest bet.

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    Mar 2009
    Swisher, he's got power, knows how to work a count and draw walks, switch hits, plays adequate defense and is a good teammate and clubhouse presence. Swisher in LF, Blanco in CF and Pence in RF. Blanco plays huge in my decision because if he wasn't already under contract, I would vote Bourn.

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    Feb 2009
    Pagan because why fix what ain't broke I say get pagan and swisher though but I could dream

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    Jan 2012
    Silverdale, Wa
    Give me Swisher, most consistent of the bunch.

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    Jun 2010
    Upton would be the most dynamic player, but he wouldn't make much sense unless we traded away Brown.

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    Apr 2009
    Bay Area
    Homer pick incoming, but I say Pagan. He was wildly inconsistent during the regular season with extreme ups and downs, but there is just something about his competitiveness. He does seem to take his game up another level in clutch situations, and I loved the way he played in the playoffs (even his defense was above average for almost all of the postseason). If he wouldn't cost an exorbitant contract, and as said, if "all things are equal," I would oddly go with Pagan lol (again, if I was able to offer the same amount of money to any of the 4).

    We know what Pagan can do here in this ballpark, he's become such a fixture on the squad as a good teammate, he has a positive/exciting/competitive streak to him, and he has a lot of tools this team thrives on for the lead off spot. He has speed, is a contact hitter, can drive the ball to the gaps, and can set the table when he's right. If we could bring him back on a fair deal to both sides, I can't see us just casting him aside for the unknown (although the unknown in Swisher looks mighty tempting). Something about Swisher's playoff record bothers me though. Since I foresee this team being in the postseason consistently *hopefully, knock on wood*, I want someone who doesn't shrink in big situations. I'm sure Swisher could turn it around in the postseason one of these years, but there's something to be said for someone who's done it, and one who has never done it (especially when they have been given more opportunities).
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    May 2010
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    Bourn for sure.

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    Jan 2010
    Modesto, CA
    With contracts being equal, definitely Swisher.

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    May 2009
    If you take Bourn or Pagan, I think that it leaves us with too light a hitting OF. Blanco in left isn't an option, or at least not a good one.

    For that reason I go Swisher. Plus bat in a corner OF spot, and lets Gregor play center where he is an acceptable starter due to plus defense and average OBP.

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    May 2007
    I chose Bourn but I think he will cost more than the others. Out of the rest of them I would want Swisher because he gets on base at a high rate and seems like an awesome clubhouse guy. I have really never seen a major leaguer enjoy playing the game more than Swisher.

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