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    Is It Worth Trading For Mike Minor & Sean Gilmartin???

    With the Atlanta Braves being mentioned as having what the Minnesota Twins need & being perfect trade partners this off-season so far, would it be worth trading Josh Willingham & Denard Span for Mike Minor & Sean Gilmartin?

    In my opinion, it will be hard to trade Josh Willingham, but the Minnesota Twins are so desperate for starting pitching, he may be worth such a trade.

    I guess I would place Trevor Plouffe in LF to replace Josh Willingham, Ben Revere in CF replacing Denard Span & Chris Parmelee in RF.

    The infield would consist of Jamey Carroll at 3rd, Pedro Florimon at SS, Brian Dozier at 2nd, Justin Morneau at 1st, Joe Mauer at C, Eduardo Escobar & Tommy Field as the utility infielders.

    Revere - CF
    Carroll - 3rd
    Mauer - C/1st/DH
    Morneau - 1st/DH
    Doumit - DH/C
    Parmelee - RF
    Plouffe - LF
    Dozier - 2nd
    Florimon - SS

    Herrmann - C
    Escobar - 2nd/3rd
    Field - SS
    Mastroianni - OF

    Minor & Diamond would be the Twins #'s 1 & 2 pitchers even though they are both lefties. Gilmartin may even have a chance to become the # 5 starting pitcher again even though he is too a lefty. Any thoughts?
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