I have seen a recent strain of facebook posts and have had a few conversations with people I know. I know the saying is figurative but nevertheless it annoys me like many things. The way we hold celebrities on such a pedestal is if it already isn't enough, becoming sickening.

I no word of a lie saw some girl post about how much she loves this musician and he is perfect and wants to marry him. He is 25 used to do drugs and still cheats on his wife with girls as young as 14-15. I brought this up and she said " I don't care his music is awesome and he is hot. "

Other people who admit they really don't care about their music as long as they are " hot " and it is " not bad "

Then the straw that broke the camels back. A friend of mine said she could die happy if she could just meet this singer. Really? You value your life less then meeting some guy? Who probably does not give a **** about you? And if you did meet him the entire time he would probably be wishing he could be somewhere else? I have a friend who's family paid like 500$ to skype with doctor ****** from the hangover for a few minutes.

I could understand wanting to see them preform live, but what does shaking their hand and saying a few words make it so special? It doesn't change their music, or acting, or being rich with their parents money?

So then I thought what would make my life feel complete if I was given the choice to die tomorrow and sacrifice myself for it.

I came to the conclusion that it would have to be something along the lines of ending world hunger, curing cancer, something that has a big positive impact.

Any thoughts on this, what would it take to sacrifice your life for, and is there any person you would sacrifice it for just to meet them?