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    Could we develop Shump into a point guard? That would be ideal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nycbball08 View Post
    Trade Amare for a first round pick to any team..
    good luck with that..

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    Woodson could easily rotate minutes between those 10 consistently. Prigioni, Wallace, and Kurt will play sporadically unless someone is hurt (likely to be an issue) and ready to be called upon when needed. Copeland and White probably will keep racking up DNP's with the exception of garbage time. I believe that 10 man rotation, with 3 more guys that can play and contribute being on the bench in case of injury, is rather ideal. Amar'e will undoubtably start at the 4, as Melo does not want to play the 4 and Amar'e will at least get a chance to prove he still has enough left to start over a SF playing out of position and a trio of 38-40 year olds.

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    I think its a good problem to have. Our small lineup is gonna be dangerous....Felton, Shump,JR, Melo,Amar'e. NOTE: I do think Amar'e and Melo can play together at the 4 & 5 spots.

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    They're both 30+ minute guys. Eventually the rotation is going to have to dwindle down to about 9 or 10 guys:

    Brewer, Smith, Melo, Novak, Ray, Shump, Stat, TC, Kidd and Rasheed (looks like he's quickly becoming a Woody favorite) look to be the locks.

    Prigs, Kurt and Marcus are all going to fight to see minutes once Stat and Shumpert are healthy.

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    Frank Isola: Wonder if Mike D'Antoni can convince the Lakers to trade for Amar'e Stoudemire. The Knicks will gladly take Pau Gasol Twitter @FisolaNYDN

    you think amare isnt thinking the same thing??????

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    I'm just going to state that Marcus Camby costs too much to not play.

    I'm hoping he rounds into shape and make the team a dominant rebounding team. Shot blocking too.

    He doesn't look like he's caught up to what they're doing yet, but doesn't look too bad in his short time either.

    What Woodson does with rotations probably won't truly be answered until February...Hopefully everybody is healthy by then.

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