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    Possible no Zack Randolph on Fri.

    Zach Randolph and Kendrick Perkins had an altercation near the locker after they were ejected from Wednesday's game.
    Police are investigating the incident, so it would appear that this isn't just trash talk. Memphis and Oklahoma City both have their next game on Friday and there's a very good chance one or both may be suspended for at least one game. More details should emerge shortly.

    Personally, I'm more scared about Fridays game against Memphis than the Spurs, although they are both really tough games, but if we make it past Spurs or even if we don't, no Z-Bo would def. help our chances on keeping the winning going. Don't mistake this for me saying I think we need bail outs to win games, but just something interesting to note to help our chances considering we're short handed too.

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    No Z-Bo would be very great! I'm surprised to hear this though... He's been so good for them.

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    May 2008
    ???? I wanna win with no excuses, if we wanna be the best we gotta beat the best point blank. There's no easy way out. We've been facing teams without there stars, these next two games will really let us know where we're at.


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    Jun 2008
    Z.Bo will be playing Friday.

    Lets get it!!!

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    Jan 2008
    Latest reports say there was no altercation/investigation so he's not getting suspended.

    I'll close this up for now but feel free to repost if he somehow does end up getting suspended

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