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As I read this thread I saw at least 2 posters say "at least we are guaranteed 4th place now..." or something along those lines...I respectfully submit that we are the METS and NOTHING is ever guaranteed with this franchise.

Now as for this trade...wow but who didn't see it coming? This is Marlin's M.O. every 7-10 years they try to put together a team to win a world series with NO plan to defend it afterwards, this time they couldn't even hold the line for a half season before the fire sale began, the team had high priced talent, but no chemistry.

As for Mike errr I mean Giancarlo Stanton or whatever he wants to be called...I'm sure he'll catch flack for posting on twitter, I doubt he will be traded this offseason but he might "sulk" just enough to get traded in july 2013,

On the plus side we Mets fans can rejoice that there is INDEED an owner and F/O more inept than ours!
It's hard not to see us guaranteed at least 4th place.

The Marlins have maybe now the worst roster in the major leagues besides the Astros.

Marlins rotation

1. Turner
2. Nolasco
3. Eovaldi
4. ****
5. ****


1. Escobar SS
2. **** 2B
3. Stanton RF
4. **** 1B
5. **** LF
6. **** CF
7. **** 3B
8. **** C

That's how many wholes the Marlins have on their roster to this point.