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    9/11: couple things to think about

    Kinda an offshoot from another thread, but that focuses on very different aspects of 9/11 than this, so I figured I start a new thread for it.

    Couple things about 9/11 to think about, understand its meaning its objective within the context of american history and imperialism. Not a prove this or prove that thread, because folks that have come to their conclusions have come to their conclusions. I'm just trying to bring a couple of things to light to hopefully help spread a better understanding of the situation. I want to encourage people to not rely on someone else to paint the picture and fill in whatever pretty bright colors they want, but rather see the dots and connect it on your own. I am going to backtrack a little bit because it is imperative to understand the history behind this, and how things have historically operated.

    First, I want to break down the power structure in this country and show who the major players are and how they control this phantom gov't. You have corporation, law enforcement/court system, military, and bankers. The corporations use their assets to support lobbyists to push their agenda through government. So this is what our laws are set by, these are the ones who decide what is lawful and unlawful, this is the reason I say we have a phantom gov't, as you can see it is but another head of corporate dragon. This corporate dragon is also the owner of media, as about 99% of media in america is controlled by 6 corporations. Now, weapons building is just another business, but the military structure is more than just that, as they have the power to oppress and rule lands holding resources used by businesses. I cannot speak with 100% confidence about the banks, as there are some things which are still unclear to me, but I believe at the top of all this is the banking system. They are the printers of money. They are controllers of the economy. They are the top of the pyramid. They hold not only individuals in our own country, but entire foreign countries, in a state of economic oppression.

    These four facets which I have mentioned work hand in hand with one another. If the banking system sees a land which is not under their control, or if a corporation sees a land which is not under their control, they use the media in order to sell war to people, and then use the military to carry out that war.

    I want to point out that the government actually hired a marketing genius, a man (Edward Bernaisse) coveted by all corporations in order to help them market, in order to sell the war against honduras when united fruit company's (a corporation) banana supply was threatened by social revolution. He came up with the tactic of equating Honduras nationalizing to Russia spreading communism. This is where the idea of the "invisible enemy" is introduced. The label "communism" was applied to many countries, regardless of wether or not they were actually communist. So now, any country that does not do what we (our corporate controlled gov't) say, we use our media machine to sell them to the population as communists (when communism and ties to russia were not even present), in order to get support for military action. It is very important to understand this pattern. This same blueprint was used in panama, honduras, nicaragua, el salvador, chile, argentina, and probably more. This very similar to the blueprint used in qatar, saudi, kuwait, afghanistan, oman, iraq, iran, and probably more.

    Now its important to understand who these players are above our gov't, these controllers of our gov't. In these circles, you will see an abnormally high jewish presence, which in of itself is no problem and means nothing. However, there is strong connections and loyalty with these people to the apartheid state of israel. Outside of ruport murdoch owned media, all other american media is controlled by people loyal to israel. I'm not talking about the anchor man, I'm talking about the boss's boss. I also want to point out that it is an Israeli company who controls the entire communications system of our military. Also, a u.s. soldiers is legally allowed to join the Israeli army, serve for them, and then return back to the u.s. without facing any type of penalty. This is the exact definition of treason. I just want to point these things out to help people get a sense of what a true hold on this country they have.

    Now let's get to some particular events on and after 9/11. When the towers were hit, 5 people were seen filming and cheering. Due to its bizarre nature, authorities were contacted. These men, who worked for a moving company, were held for 3 months, during which time it was revealed they are moussad agents (Israeli CIA), and during after which they were simply released to Israel. Regardless of innocence or guilt, surely this is a huge story one would expect to see repetitively through the media. But instead it vanished, outta sight outta mind. And another incident occured on 9/11, same type of white van from the "moving company" I previously mentioned was stopped on the GWB, and people were arrested. It was at one time said the vans were full of explosives, but those statements were later retracted. Again, these stories just did not get media play. I also remember at a certain point in time it was said that white vans full of information leading us to the hijackers were found in a parking garage. These white vans sure seem to pop up a lot.

    I also want to mention that the taliban were willing to hand over bin laden to a third party for trial. They requested evidence of 9/11 bin laden connection, yet the u.s. decided they would rather go to war than show evidence connecting him to the attacks. After the u.s. started bombing afghanistan, the taliban got so desperate that they then agreed to give him directly to the u.s. if shown evidence. Still, no go. If there is indeed evidence that connects this man to 9/11, do you not think the logical solution would be to show it to the taliban and avoid these wars?

    The bin laden videos have some inconsistencies. First bin laden denies the attacks. Then comes a video of someone taping him having a conversation with some other sheikh in which he admits the attacks. Does it make any sense for a man to deny the attacks, then allow himself to be taped admitting the attacks immediately afterward, and then leave that tape in a random house in jalalabad? Also, the man on the tape looked like someone else, and had much different mannerisms than bin laden. Then comes a tape a few years later, of someone who does indeed look like bin laden. imo it looks to be computer graphics, the movements are just very unnatural looking. In this tape, he is in a much different setting, a setting in which his particular mannerisms cannot be observed. His style of speaking is just nothing like what we have seen in the past. This is another huge red flag, as anyone here would be very suspiscious if they saw a speech of obama in which he was speaking with the same reading level as george w bush. The tape after this, is in the same exact setting, but this time his language/speech is how we have seen in the past. So every time a tape comes out, the red flags that people point out are immediately fixed up for the next one.

    So now that 9/11 has happened, you can see who the new invisible enemy is now. It went from communism to terrorism. Terrorism is just such a loose word that it can be applied to anyone the gov't chooses. All they have to do is say they support terrorists, and they get their green light. If people will think back, right before entering iraq, a good chunk of this country supported it. There were demonstrations against, but compared to now, many more people were on board with this war. This is the exact use of the invisible enemy I am speaking of. Of course the economic situation in this country started catching up to people, and the gov't lies were becoming just too enter puppet obama. One of us. But we'll leave that alone, that's a whole nother subject.

    If you understand the major players on top, and you understand how they interact with one another, certain things become very clear. Moussad agents knew about 9/11, and there is no doubt in my mind that if they knew, then particular people in this country with a lot of power also knew.

    **I want to point out this new method of catching and charging terrorists. Law enforcement poses as terrorists, and supply people with the proper training and proper (fake) weaponry. I can't say with 100% certainty, but my personal suspiscion is that something along these lines may have taken place on 9/11. Particular people may indeed have felt they were carrying out orders from bin laden, when in reality it may well have been someone else. This type of infiltration of networks is nothing new to our cia. This is just my personal opinion, I'm not claiming it to be fact.**

    What I wrote is EXTREMELY EXTREMELY condensed and dumbed down. Saying its the tip of the iceberg would be an overstatement. People who have already been introduced to such ideas probably know what I mean. I don't really have the time to break it down even deeper than so, but I hope I open a few peoples eyes to some new ideas, some new understanding of how this system operates. This thread is not meant to sway anyone to one side or the other, it is just to point certain things out that some people may have overlooked. When you understand history and historically what our tactics have been, certain things become very clear, certain things become very obvious. You will notice that things that people shrug off as one time incidents are in fact not only the norm, but standard operating procedure.

    **I'm also gonna throw out this website,, very informative, very useful
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