After last night game against the Heat, the Rockets exposed the two biggest holes that they have to be a real contender.

First hole a true low post PF, options:

1) For me the more available one is Paul Gasol, if you noticed we end with the lost because Asik was not there and why? Because in the final min of the game he isn't a offensive option for the team, instead to provide the offense the coach opt for a small line up and hurt us with the Bosh rebound.

Gasol can hit the mid range jumper and play against the basket also he is a 7' providing us of the big man in the final min if the coaches opt to sit Asik.

2) Kevin Love - The ideal situation but I don't think we have the pices for a trade and also trade him is not a real option right now for Min.

3) Demarcus Cousin - Too problematic to be the face of the franchise for the Kings maybe they will trade him soon, another good option for us at the 4.

Second hole a true PG:

I'm a fan of Lin but I really see him as a back up PG. He put himself to many times in high turnovers situations and if you noticed we need to take the ball of Harden's hands. His TO problems comes bacuase he is to often try to create a shot or to get the foul call but in so many times he gets trap. If you see the first 2 games: the Pistons and the Hawks Harden looks great in the give and go game, he is more dangerus without the ball.

The solution:

1) CP3 - This is the perfect man to be our next max contract player. A back court of him and Harden will be top 3 in the NBA. Also he is one of the most high IQ basketball players in the NBA. A real big need for our young team right now because our coach can't provide that. He coach to basic.

For this season
Get Gasol and maybe is the package is good we can get Blake also to be the back up PG.

If a miracle happen next season:

PG CP3 /J Lin
SG Harden / Delfino
SF Chandler / Morris
PF Gasol / Jones
C Asik / Aldrige / Smith

This team can go deep in the playoff.