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I don't get the Gruden hate either. He should have at least took his Raiders team to a SB, and possibly won, if not for the infamous tuck rule. Then he goes to a TB team that was coached and built by Dungy and gets them over the top. Sure his QB carousel in TB was ridiculous, but who's to say he hasn't learned from it? Perhaps his 4 years off as a coach has been a real shot to his ego, in a good way.
And the team he beat in the SB was essentially his team anyway, so there's no way that win could be discounted.. And you brought up the best point, he has never really had a stud QB to work with. He loved Foles coming out of school and who knows how well he could develop him.
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Nick Saban is a great recruiter. There's a huge difference between being a recruiter and a great football coach.
So you're going to tell me that Nick Saban wins all those games strictly because of his recruiting prowess, rather than coaching ability? I think you're nuts