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    NBC gets EPL next season

    I know this isn't the freshest news, but I was wondering how people felt about NBC getting the broadcasting rights to the league next year. Apparently they will show six live matches a week on their English speaking networks. Personally I think this is a good thing, especially with NBC taking over Versus, and the Comcast Sports Networks. They have plenty of networks and with just the NHL and NFL on Sunday Nights, the league won't be overshadowed and forced to take a backseat to other sports.

    Some here have said it would hurt MLS, I am not sure about that, I think it could bring new American fans into the sport, considering how sloppy MLS is and probably prevents more fans than brings them in. My main concern is whether they will use announcers from the UK or use Americans to call the games, I really hope they don't use American announcers.

    The other downside of this deal is it would cripple Fox Soccer, but since I have Direct TV I would have to get a premium package just to get the network. The NBC deal would offer the league to more viewers, since most cable/satelite subscribers already get the NBC Sports Network along with a local NBC sports channel.

    Here is a link to the story for those looking for more details:

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    FoxSoccer was an awesome channel. But maybe they will go more Bundisliga/Series A/La Liga than their English programming dominance. I'd love for more of those matches with English commentators.
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    I found a new favorite channel!

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    FSC needs to get Bundesliga!!!!

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