Figured I would start a new thread regarding this instead of having 3 different avenues to talk about 2013 coaching candidates as we all know that Shurmur is toast at the end of the year.

Did anyone see the interview on Fox sports with Jay Gruden?

He was talking about how he thinks Rookie QB's are put at a huge disadvantage by the majority of coaching staffs out there because they won't allow audibles.... He was talking about how if you watch the college game, these QB's are audibling on their own constantly, you just have to trust that you trained these guys up properly.

Dalton has the ability to audible whenever to whatever.... he said if he didn't allow that he would be putting Dalton in harms way. To be honest he didn't say it, but it seemed like he was making fun of a lot of the ego's in the NFL.

If I was Haslam and Banner I would have my HC search in 2013 down to four possibilities come the end of the year and pounce on one of them. In order:

1. Chip Kelly
2. David Shaw
3. Jay Gruden
4. Mike McCoy

The only coach in that list that does not have NFL coaching experience is Chip Kelly but I am really starting to jump on his bandwagon the more and more I read and watch of Oregon. The guy just seems to be the future of the NFL. I would love to see what Gruden or McCoy could do with this offense and Shaw is that overall HC candidate that doesn't really seem to focus on one side of the ball too much but instead the whole of the game which would be a nice change of pace compared to Shurms right now.