I'm probably not saying anything weird when I mention this, but you've probably also heard whispers of this in your social circles as well - this whole McHale thing smells a bit fishy.

Look, if my son or daughter is ill, I'm going to tell my team "Hey, the kiddo's sick, it's pretty serious, he/she has *whatever it is* and I'll need to be home for a couple weeks at the most."

This whole "indefinitely" thing smells like one of two scenarios :
  • Serious illness - my first reaction was he has a child with cancer, no laughing matter
  • Staying mum on the subject with vague details for true respect to privacy (maybe TOO vague though)
  • Publically giving K-Mac a suspended and polite exit from the team?

The third one is what I've been hearing a LOT of around work, while walking around Toyota Center during halftime, even on my ventrilo server while I'm shooting it up on World of Tanks. Coincidence, or are we all keeping a tinfoil hat in our back pockets?

Let's just say the latter was true... then what?
  • Does Kelvin Sampson stay at the helm?
  • Is Sloan on Morey and Alexander's Speed Dial? (I know this wasn't met with much favor around here last season)
  • What about Phil?

Think about the last one ... he's a bit pissed off as is Laker nation of the way the whole D'Antoni hiring went down - he's even on record saying he's shocked how it all played out. You don't handshake agree on letting cooler heads prevail until Monday, then call the guy on Sunday at midnight to say "Oh, nevermind, we hired Mike." Bad form... really bad form.

So (whips out the tinfoil hat), Phil's a bit upset by it. Phil is willing to go back into coaching again if the conditions are right (creative control like Pat Riley has, culturing his successor, etc), and there was no confirmation that he made a demand about the travel schedule, so it sounds like he's willing to play ball there. Here's the what-if of what-if's ... Alexander and Morey quietly meet with him, gives him a lot of what he wants including an opportunity to crush the team that should be led to the promised land in most people's eyes, with a youthful and energetic group of up-and-comers.

Too much fantasy island? Does option 2 seem more feasible?

Should I put down the paste? It tastes soooo good this morning.