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    Quote Originally Posted by asoto511 View Post
    I sound like a girl? Ok, buddy. Sure. Pretty sure we all scream like b itches every time Carson throws an INT or DMC fumbles the ball and cost us the game. On a contender, they can do that all they want and not lose 8+ games a year. It's pretty difficult to teach my young daughter, nieces, nephews, etc to cheer for a losing team. So if I complain like a girl, it's bc inside I'm crying like a little biznatch because our team plays like little biznatches. Out.
    you know what i to no bs

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    I agree with this topic. Reggie should make any trade that offers good value. Of course that means that it wont become a "Marlins" style fire sale, where everyone has to go, But I encourage moving anyone that has some sort of market value, and isnt part of the long term plan.

    Besides that, I do NOT agree with trading Carson Palmer because, He offers stability at QB. If not alone For the simple fact that you cant expect to draft a WR and develop him with Pryor out there at QB.

    Anyone on Defense is basically expandable. I would however like to see Huff go. He's simply not earning his money for several years now. He can be easily replaced.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogdaddy View Post
    i hear things like stick to the plan, and stay the course. What am I missing? What plan? I see no plan. The only thing I see is that we are not giving huge contracts to anyone (which is good). Other than that we are stagnate. We are hiring below average coaches and it shows.
    You are just a fan Dog, like the rest of us. The Raiders don't tell us about what plan or course they are lining out for this team. They are giving us the same ol' stuff we have always eaten up, discipline, back to solid football, blah blah. We are not in the know.
    Do you think they are jumping feet first into running a billion dollar franchise without some sort of plan? The thing you said you saw (contracts) was a step in that process. We've aquired a draft pick, some players, lowered salaries, cuts and trades, I could go on and on, but the plan is in place. It is going to take a couple years. The end justifies the means and the means are what we are seeing right now, you've gotta be able to see some of it. Heck, we have all talked about it since the off season. It is going to take some time to do it, that is all.
    I hear a lot of What if, all we need to do is, what we should have done, we were 8-8 just needed to draft..., we shoulda traded for so and so....well, that is not happening, it couldn't have happened, we have what we have and it is a beginning. The plan is to build this team with quality football players through the draft, trades, and free agency while getting the salary cap workable. The coaches have to have time to either teach their philosophies and find success or fail in the process. That is just the way it is.

    "...prone to stoogery.".

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    We have a bunch of *****es for players.

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    No Excuses!

    Teams don't take this long to rebuild and the last 3 weeks make you think something ain't. right but why does this defense suck so much? Why is Giordaino still out there?Thereis No fight in this team they are beat before the game begins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by themadstork View Post
    Not were the guy who said last off season that you'd give him another pass if he got hurt this year.

    Still don't know why though. I guess he's just a blind spot in your logic.

    I'd be shocked if he were still on the roster next year.

    Stork, I was a DMC supporter myself, I had a hard time comprehending your justifications for wanting him to walk, now, I'm beginning to see your point. Its time to give him his papers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flash47 View Post
    Stork, I was a DMC supporter myself, I had a hard time comprehending your justifications for wanting him to walk, now, I'm beginning to see your point. Its time to give him his papers.
    give him the papers or take a pay cut and have him split carries with another back


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