Hey guys, as hard as it is to admit it, it is now time to literally blow this team up. No matter what. Reggie blew it up as best as he could (Routtt, CJ) without tanking the whole year but I think after this season, trade everyone while they still have some value. What's the point of holding on to Palmer and McFadden when you're constantly losing. Give me some draft picks, we can suck another year with a bunch of rookies, great draft position bc we sucked, and just keep building the next year. I know this is probably already Reggie's plan, but I am just so exhausted of losing, guys. Just like all the rest of you guys are as well. F the year. Sunday broke my silver and black heart. TB broke my silver and black heart as well. We just can't win. I know we have gotten close, but we still keep losing. Just start over. I can't stand looking at the year Indy had last year, then then in ONE EFFING DRAFT they become instant playoff contenders. Shoot, the Broncos lost Cutler then still made the playoffs with Tebow, now they will probably win a Superbowl within the next couple of years if not this year. That's a franchise.... Ok, I vented enough. I know it takes time and this is our first year without Al, but just blow the team up. Trade Palmer, trade DMC. Keep Reece, though. He is our "Reggie Wayne"...at FB/HB/WR