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    Machado, Motiejunas, White to D-League

    The Rockets have sent Royce White, Donatas Motiejunas and Scott Machado to the NBA D-League.
    The Rio Grande Valley Vipers just got some talent on their roster. White's anxiety issues were a main story in the preseason and perhaps the Rockets felt it was best to get him get him regular playing time. This move is somewhat surprising, so stay tuned for more confirmation from the team. Nov. 13 - 12:04 am et
    Source: Mark Berman on Twitter

    Someone brought this up in another thread, but I thought this deserved its own thread. I can't say I'm surprised by Machado and White, but I thought Motiejunas would get a chance to get some minutes in the NBA earlier. Given the success of Morris and Smith off the bench, that's really hurt Jones and D'Mo's playing time.

    What does everyone think? Is this is a good move or will they be calling up some of these guys sooner rather than later?

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    While you could argue to get Scott into the lineup due to Douglas being hopeless, I think I would rather find a vet PG to replace him. As far as the other 2, well Jones has crept ahead of those 2 in the rotation and looks set to be the next player to be given some minutes, so I think this will give Dmo a chance to work on areas of his game that Kev wants to see improvement, Scott needs a jump shoot, and White, well you never know with that guy, but i am not surprised to see him there.

    Aside from Fisher (which I wouldn't want after last season), what vet PG's are still out there (if any)?
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    I *really* hope this helps White cope with his anxiety (the regular play time to help keep him focused on the task as Dr. Drew put it in a pre-season interview).

    If this doesn't work, White will just wreak of draft bust. I've defended the guy for months, saying "Hey, he has to have talent otherwise he wouldn't have made it through junior leagues, high school and college to be on the radar in the NBA draft.

    Is it just too much? This is a whole new level of exposure that maybe he just can't cope with.

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    It was expected. After staying overseas another year, I thought Motiejunas would be a lot more ready to play in the NBA, but it seems he still isn't. White and Machado have a lot of potential but they clearly need a lot of work. Both Machado and Motiejunas should get some opportunities before the All-Star game, especially if the Rockets keep losing.
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