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    Nikola Pekovic Quote Thread

    I thought we should have a thread dedicated to quotes by Pek.

    I'll start it off.


    Trainer Gregg Farnman carried crutches out of training room while Pek limped toward bus. "I don't use crutches," big Pek said.

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    Jerry Zgoda ‏@JerryZgoda
    Funny scene tonight: Pek limping out of arena on sprained ankle looks back & sees Love/Rubio getting ride on cart. "Hey guys, what about me?"

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    From Zgoda Strib article...

    Pekovic when asked if Shved's Monday performance might be due to a new haircut that shed that mop of hair and lost the accompanying headband: "You think because of that we win? Me and A.K., we make him cut his hair. Now he look like man."

    “Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.”-Plato

    Words I post by...and live by.

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