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think about it, all iphones look the same, simple design, marketed as a easy to use phone..commercials involve one finger and a white background


if ure not really tech savvy when u upgrade it seems like ure getting the same phone..

droid on the other hand, is marketed as a very complex and robotic do it all machine, is it not?


iphone will always be #1 because of user loyalty, but its a slap in the face to loyal customers who upgrade to virtually the same phone..

droid on the other hand is more cutting edge. its a platform that can go on motorola, samsung, htc etc. but the bad thing is, its oversaturating the market with so many droid phones with the latest technology coming out, is it not?

my d2 i got 2/2011..d3 comes out october 2011, d4 comes out like june 2012..kind of bs dont you think?

compared to iphone which is realeased every 1 to 1.5 years it seems.

sorry for the history lesson but i dont think many people realize everything that i mentioned above..and should consider it when getting a phone.

The choice is up to you, but for me...#DROIDLIFE.
Im picking up what you're putting down, which is why I am more likely than not going to stay with Droid. Like I said, I'm just seeing what else is out there.