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    Hope Mook can keep his game up, his mentality has changed alot since he came into the league comparing him self to Melo. I think that's what has changed is game the most, that he has to go out there and earn it.

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    It's worth noting that through eight games, Morris' numbers have improved even more. He's now averaging:

    In 19.8 MPG... 9.6/4.8/0.3/0.4 on .492/.360/.400 shooting percentages
    PER 36 MPG... 17.5/8.7
    Advanced stats... .555 TS%, 17.4 PER, .147 WS/48

    Those are some really impressive numbers for a bench player. He's finally hitting his 3s at a decent clip and his overall FG% has improved as he's getting better looks from the floor. My only concern is his FT%, but he's only taken 10 FTA all season long, so it's an extremely small sample size.

    If he keeps playing like this and putting up such solid numbers, he's just going to keep getting more minutes. My hope is that he gets more minutes at SF, which will provide some more playing time for Jones in the frontcourt as well as get more minutes for Delfino at SG (thereby giving fewer minutes to Douglas).

    Quote Originally Posted by Giannis94 View Post
    Bucks vs raptors in the ECF. Mark my words.

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