So, I was holding off on this one until after tonight, because I was so sure he would do something so awful that it would warrant us forgetting he had played well through the first six games of the season. But quite the opposite, the dude plays decent defense, drills a corner three in the fourth quarter which kept the game close and had another insanely efficient game with short minutes.

Before tonight's game, here were Morris numbers through six games:
In 18.8 MPG... 9.3/5.2/0.3/0.5 on .462/.235/.400 shooting

That doesn't sound that sexy, right? Now let's project those numbers over 36 minutes:
In 36 minutes... 17.8/9.9/0.6/1.0

Holy crap... The dude's averaging 18/10 over starter's minutes. And his 16.5 PER and .119 WS/48 are well above average numbers despite his awful shooting numbers from 3 and from the line, so once they average out a bit, those numbers will improve.

I still think it's too early to say he's completely out of the doghouse, but I can officially say that I'm nowhere near the vicinity of calling him a bust yet. In fact, if this keeps up, I think they should consider giving him more minutes. Just imagine what this team could accomplish if he could fill sort of a Thaddeus Young 6th man off the bench position? And even if the Rockets decide not to keep him, imagine what kind of value he could bring Houston if this play continues for the whole season?

So, what are everyone's thoughts? Am I insane for starting to like the kid a little bit or is everyone else drinking the Marcus Morris koolaid?