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    Quote Originally Posted by NYKalltheway View Post
    USA, China and India are a disgrace to the sport given their population
    So theres all these Greek basketball players and coaches who are unbelievable and would be so great in the NBA but there cant be some good soccer players from USA?

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    Never implied that there aren't any good players from the USA. Just said, in humor obviously, that the USA has a very poor talent pool given its population and dedication to sports in general.

    I actually own a USA 2006 jersey with Donovan's name on the back I was a bit of a fan of that 1998 team with McBride, Cobi Jones, Eddie Pope, Moore, Wynalda, Reyna and Lalas. Wanted a 1998 Cobi Jones one but never managed to find one.

    P.S: Almost all Greek basketball coaches are crap.

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