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Since when has "making" the playoffs ever been a barometer for success?

Kansas City won the division in 2010 and held a home playoff game. The Raiders, had they made the playoffs in 2011 would have been bounced before Hue Jackson's Irish Coffee cooled.
Making the playoffs has always been a barometer of success. It's one goal completed on the way to the golden prize.

And making the playoffs after a decade drought is actually a big confidence builder and building block.

How bad were the Donkeys 2 years ago when we scored 59 on them? Bad..

How bad were the Broncos last year in week 1 when we ran the ball up there ***? Bad..

When Tebow came in, it gave them a spark, a fire, a desire to win, with the same team that we put 59 on and the same team that we torched on the ground week 1.

They ran with the confidence and spark all the way to the division. That division title made them the big dog on the block and they've been a winner ever since.

So yes, playoffs are a HUGE barometer of success... It lets you know that you're a top 6 team in your conference.