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    TOR trades: Calderon, Bargnani, Ross, Kleiza, Davis, Future First (Lottery Protected)
    TOR receives: Jefferson, Gooden, Dunleavy, Harrington

    Reason: They become a much better team in the East

    UTA trades: Jefferson, Carroll
    UTA receives: Calderon, Ross, Lamb, TOR First Rounder (Lottery Protected)

    Reason: Add a damn good player for the future in Ross, mainly allows Derrick Favors & Kanter to get some burn, Calderon is an expiring which was Jefferson but with Ross added and him gone it becomes more valuable to young players

    MIL trades: Gooden, Dunleavy, Udrih, Future First (Lottery Protected)
    MIL receives: Bargnani, Afflalo, Carroll

    Reason: Afflalo strengthens their backcourt with a little more size and defense, Bargnani adds another scorer to open up more for Jennings & Ellis uptempo styles

    ORL trades: Harrington, Afflalo
    ORL receives: Udrih, Kleiza, Davis, MIL Future First (Lottery protected)

    They shed more salary and I know they have worse players but eh' isn't like they will make the playoffs within the time that they expire anyways so I think it would be beneficial to them to shed the salary faster.


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    I do like Doran Lamb. I was very high on him in the draft.

    Warriors come out and Ta-ank.

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    Orlando specifically wanted Afflalo, they would not do this trade.

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    Bucks have no need for Bargnani. Afflalo would be nice. But don't want to part with Lamb though. Don't wanna part with our expiring contract's or pick either really.

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