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    Corey, ur killing me/ Ahmad, u must rest

    Besides the point that I would love to see D Wil get more touches, ahmad does need rest. Between practicing once a week and multiple nicks, he should get a few weeks to heal. He needs it. And we need him to do it. Brown and Wilson shinning would help the fans feel better about this slide. As for corey, its getting bad. I posted previously that amukamara should cover the ones. We might have to switch to a cover 2 till this pass d issue gets addressed. I also would like to see blitzes from jpp's side with kiwi playing backer. Might get one of them free all the time.

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    Its not just these two guys. The team is tired. They played 10 games in a row and dealt with a Hurricane and snow storm in between.

    Yes Bradshaw needs to take less snaps but thats coaching. Brown has time and time again proved he deserves to run more.

    A big problem of our offense is you can see Eli being hustled. I put a lot of blame of that on the return of David Diehl. Most on here know I said he should of been cut last year.... However the Bengals and Steelers games I saw David Baas just get bullied around.

    I put a lot of blame of this skid on coaching. Gilbride I give a little credit, he adjusts. Fewell does not. We get more pressure from our D-line when we blitz, so when we had that nice win streak we were blitzing more. For whatever reason we a retracted from that. However Gilbride's play calling is always in question. And once again this is where Coughlin deserves blame. He controls them all including players and I dont see any initiative from him to make a change when it is necessary.

    I just do not understand how these coaches dont see that Diehl is terrible, Osi should not be in on running downs, Man Coverage with safety help is our best coverage, Bradshaw should not run the ball 20 times when we know he is hurt, and that we are NOT the Jets.....we are better than this!

    The Good Ole Days

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    ^ amen

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