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A 4 game slump? 1/4 of their season? no i dont think they have
Drew Brees had a point when he was throwing more picks then TDs back in 2010, the year after they won the super bowl, I want you to focus on the mistakes Brees makes in the situation he's in and compare this to Eli's mistakes last week vs. Cincy: http://www.nfl.com/gamecenter/201009...enu=highlights as well as this game at Arizona:http://www.nfl.com/gamecenter/201010...enu=highlights & this game, where Rob Ryan, the Browns' DC at the time, and the browns came in and trashed the Saints, in THE dome: http://www.nfl.com/gamecenter/201010...enu=highlights..... those are three games where despite not being back to back weeks, were in week 3, week 5, and week 7 respectively, but Brees was just having several bonehead moments, not so different from Eli, and remember, Brees did have the advantage with the amount of talent with his offensive line and in the amount of weapons he had compared to Eli, but Brees did struggle in those games, which weren't far away apart, and I could toss in week 4 if we're talking about having subpar statistics against the Panthers, but it's just a proof that great quarterbacks have heavy chips on their shoulders like taking their team to the Super Bowl again, and it can collapse on them during some point of the season...Eli's slump was in the past 4 weeks, even though it was a disgusting period, at least we saw the worse and now he can't go anywhere else but improve his play now since he played out his ugliest games.....I'm not going to talk about Eli being Elite, cuz, just like G said, he's a great Quarterback and I'd rather have him than the top 4 QBs today (Peyton, Brees, Rodgers & Brady) because I've gotten use to Eli and I rally appreciate his ability to have his worst moments in football and when critics and ALL of us Giants fans start burning Eli, he goes on and haves an unbelievable game...it's his OWN type of swagger and it's what makes Eli, well Eli. I feel your frustration, you have the rights to burn Eli out after he's given us more heartburn than fast food, but like I said before, just relax and have faith that he's gunna pull it out bro, and prove all those big mouth critics like Phil Simms that you can't spell ELITE without ELI haha jp, but seriously, he'll bounce back, let's just enjoy the bye-week and then get ready to rooot Eli annd our GIANTS when they host the Packers on SUNDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL!