First il start off by saying i waited 24 hrs to post this beacuse i didnt wanna sound like a mad man.

1- We have no captain. Over and over again when things go bad for this team you NEVER see anyone get into peoples face. Those guys can wear the "C" on their chest all they want but plain and simple a captain hold people accountable and doesnt care about "friends" he cares about team. This team doesnt have a real "captain"

- The cowboys let bennet go for a reason.When the guy was drafted he had so much talent and so much upside. Dallas didnt sign him beacuse he drops to many balls/ is lazy and just shows a lack of intrest. Well here we are 10 games in and if u ask me the last 3 or 4 throws eli threw to him he looked LAZY. sticking 1 arm out not even maiing an effort , after dropping the ball just walking back to the huddle like he didnt care.

-Teams have figured us out! Since the 49ers game this entire team from top to bottom had been horrendous. Teams have figrued us out and hyet we dont adapt. We have stubborn coordinators who dont switch anything or disquise anything. The team that showed up against the redskins is the same that showed up against dallas/ steelers/ and the bengals.

As another thread is already posted to much loyalty!! Just read that thread..he hit ot on the head

Eli manning is not elite- Now i know this is going to make some of you guys mad and your going to argue this but facts are facts. Trust me i argued with people along with all of you that he was elite. Fact is elite Qb's do not dissapear for 1/4 of the season. 1 TD AND 6INT in the last 4 games is far from elite and this is why everyone has always called us crazy for calling him elite. Hes not. If he keeps playing like this he will barly be top 15.

**side note Webster is absolutley killing us and we cant go on like this.

Add what you have learned!!