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    We thought Andre had deserved some chances," said offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride. "When we've given him an opportunity to carry the ball, he's done well. He's catching the ball extremely well. So I think it's more a matter of him having earned that chance to get on the field. And so far every time we've given him a chance, he's come through for us."
    Would be great to see Andre Brown get even more playing time. This team needs a spark. Brown is a nice back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by uwish1127 View Post
    Yes! I remember drafting him 4th round and they were praising this move, he breaks his leg and then got cut.

    Brown doing good doesn't surprise me. What does, is how well he is with an offensive line not playing well.

    And earning chances? He earned it the first week Bradshaw was out, this team really fackin ticks me off at times with crap like this. PLAY THE PLAYER WHO IS DOING BETTER!!!
    ^^^^ Amen.....Bradshaw can still be valuable, but for sure if its 3rd down, #35 has to be out there
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