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With all things revolving around the magic $189m in 2014, why not bump it up a year now so that 2014 is our new beginning?

Hear me out...

The whole idea is to get under $189m so that the luxury tax resets at 17% rather than go to 50% , right?

Well, then lets do it right now since this years FA class is awful and be back at it next winter.

Let the following leave for draft picks and/or trade them:

Kuroda - $10 mil
Andy - $2.5 mil
Swisher - $10 mil
Soriano- $11 mil
Martin- $7mil
Grandy- $14 mil

That's about $55 million off the books and we can keep Cano and maybe sneak Andy back in there .

Suck it up for a year, even if we drift back to the pack.

Romine or cervelli or Stewart

Vet retread or Andy

Well, the only problem with doing it now, is that for 2013, the threshold is $178 Mill, not the $189 mil that it is for 2014. The Yanks can help themselves this year by setting themselves up well, and will probably do so as just as you point out, this seasons UFA class is not anything to write home about.

The one good thing about Martin hitting pretty badly is that is numbers will be lower. The best help for 2014 would be if our young pitchers who spent 2012 on the DL (Man Ban, Pinada, betances...etc) all can come back and pitch well in 2013 allowing the Yanks to get cheaper for 2014.