If you were the Warriors, what would be your (roughly) 2-3 year plan to establish the Warriors as a consistent playoff calibre team? Go as in depth as you like, from coaching to player movement to draft strategies, etc. Has to be somewhat realistic... no trade Curry for LeBron type stuff. Please consider salary cap restrictions to make it reasonably possible.

I'll start it off by saying I'd try to trade Curry and a filler for Rajon Rondo-26 either at the trade deadline of in the offseason. Rondo has pissed of Celtic's management enough times to where I think they would trade him for the right young player. Pass-first point guard to would make every body else better. Proven leader and great defender, quality athlete. Plays both ways.

I'd then try to acquire Josh Smith-26 (as I've said many times before) for a package involving David Lee, a filler and 2014 and/or 15 1st-round draft pick(s). Do this at trade deadline or offseason. Physical 3/4, plays defense, rebounds, unstoppable on the fast break, underrated passer and post game. Talented on both sides of the ball.

When Biedrins and Jefferson's contracts expire(after player options exercised) in 2 years, sign Tyreke Evans (who might be an unrestricted free agent) as a 6th man off the bench. This is a stretch, but not entirely unlikely. Aparently Sac won't sign him to an extention so he could sign a 1-year qualifying deal and become an unrestricted free agent in 2014.

Re-sign Jack, Rush and Landry in 2-years.

The entire plan hinges on Andrew Bogut coming back healthy (which is why I'll never be a GM, but I can always dream).

2014 and beyond Warriors:


Interested to see what you guys would do... more details the better.