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View Poll Results: Which NFC North TE has the worst hands?

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  • Brandon Pettigrew

    8 16.33%
  • Kellen Davis

    29 59.18%
  • Jermichael Finley

    12 24.49%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cub_StuckinSTL View Post
    Kellen only hangs onto the ball when he's falling down
    And doesn't get hurt

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    Quote Originally Posted by jpro611 View Post
    And the trade of Olsen netted us Brandon Marshall and we couldn't have afforded to give him that huge contract extension
    It's easy to say it that way, but you could've kept Olsen and spent your 3rd on Marshall and had two legit pass-catchers.

    Quote Originally Posted by kozelkid View Post
    Kellen is as much of a blocker as he is a catcher, maybe even worse.

    And while we could use a player with Olsen's catching ability, I'm still glad he's gone. As Jpro pointed out, he had unreasonable contract demands for someone who has yet to live up to where he was picked. He sucked at blocking and went down at first contact.

    His contract is hardly unreasonable. It's not even in the current top 10 highest paid TEs. In comparison, Aaron Hernandez (a TE#2) signed a contract extension in the offseason for five years at $40M. While he has nice stats and is an excellent player, he also plays in an inflated passing offense.

    I don't know exactly what kind of expectations you have for a TE picked at 31, but other than his rookie season he's had 500+ yards per season in all but one, and he had at least 5 TDs in every season outside of his rookie year. He's currently on pace to finish with 884 yards and approxamately 5.5 TDs. He also played for the Bears who haven't had a good passing offense and use a heavy run game (he also had success in his limited role in Martz's offense).

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    You guys have to remember that Olsen was here during the Martz days. Martz' system doesn't use pass catching TEs only blocking ones. We got rid of him and brought back value bc if we would've kept him that year he would have walked at the end of the year to get a bigger contract.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NormSizedMidget View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by haggis View Post
    Yes please. Finley has killed the Bears. It's the only team he's good against.

    I bet Jay would murder someone to get Scheffler back with him and Marshall
    Will you shoot hima fter you trade for ihm? I want him to go away. Or maybe if he wasn't allowed to communicate.
    Reported for being in bad taste

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    Quote Originally Posted by jpro611 View Post
    Reported for being in bad taste
    Reported for not using any punctuation.

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    Kellen Davis
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