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I saw some things in the game today that I liked in the secondary. I like McCourty at FS better than CB. At CB, he seems to play kind of passive to me in coverage. At FS, he looks more aggressive coming up and making hits on receivers/going for the ball. I remember some teams (Jets, for example) considering drafting him as a FS, so I think that might be best for him.

Another reason I think he can play there is that I like what I see from Talib and Dennard. They play more aggressive than any CB tandem we've had in a while IMO. Both are willing to come up and press receivers, which lets us play more aggressive. I think they're capable of disrupting timing and we have 3 good blitzing linebackers - I WANT US TO BE MORE AGGRESSIVE ON D!!!!! McCourty isn't as physical when he plays CB, but as a FS that style suits him well IMO.

I also think Wilson is better served as a backup safety/"joker" type player in sub packages tan a full time every down starting S, at least at this point. I wouldn't be opposed to drafting a CB in the 1st next year (either to replace Talib or play across from him and push Dennard into the slot) and then sign a starting caliber SS in FA if there is one (Gregory to either 4th safety or cut).
Yes, yes, yes and yes.