I think the biggest problem is that there's too much loyalty. It might sound funny but think about it.

When David Dielh went down, the line had played its best football in years. The term "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" should applied cause ever since DIEHL has been reinserted back into the line up, the line has gotten worse. I understand its not right to lose your spot due to injuries but that's not the case. Dielh SUCKS, that's why he should stay off the line.

Ahmad Bradshaw is probably the most frustrating player, the guy has the fire and passion you want but lacks the iq and might have the worst version I've ever seen. And he fumbles too much. It's funny how when David Wilson fumbles, he doesn't touch the ball for 3 games. Bradshaw fumbles, he doesn't touch the ball for 3 plays. Not saying Wilson will be a game changer, but if he's a first round pick shouldn't you play him...like you did prince, KP, nicks, Ross, JPP etc. set up some packages. And it's time to make Andre Brown the starting RB. I'm tired of Bradshaw.

I understand this the same team that went to the Super Bowl last year but lets be fair. We got hot. They're players on this team that shouldn't be starting. I'll go as far as Tuck should be bench. His effort and lack of getting off of blocks is sickening. Give Adrian Tracey a shot or the kid who had a break preseason. Tuck sucks and is on the decline. Osi is up and down and is strictly a pass rusher who only has ONE push rushing move. Canty is too incosistent for me. Linval is an average DT who will have a couple of games where he looks real good.

Linebacker Boley has been average lately

Fewel has been our d coordinator for 3 season and players are still confused. We don't have zone players. When you have kiwi drop back in coverage then you know you're a horrible coach. Webster has lost a step and Prince as funny as this sounds might be our best man corner which isn't a good thing since he's average at best as well. Rolle either needs to be cut or restructure his deal cause he's no where near a top safety. Fewel needs to go.

I understand this organization is high on loyalty but enough is enough. I say bench tuck and move kiwi back to the line ( maybe that will light a fire under him) start Keith Rivers at the same...Start KP once he returns, start Brown over Bradshaw, bench Deihl and start Lock