Pau can play in this offense , he is one of the best passing bigs currently playing if not the best ... the question is for how long ? I believe Pau will be given every chance to excell , that being said it may come down to footspeed and athleticism and if things go sour under this format you may see Pau being moved .
To me this move has Jim Buss's greasy little fingerprints all over it to bring in MD instead of Phil and if that's the case it does'nt inspire a great deal of confidence however at this time i don't know if he is soley the reason .

We know the Lakers will score under MD but can they defend enough when it comes to the playoffs , this move will help Nash and Dwight for sure and Kobe will always get his but they may have to look for some more shooters if Meeks and a few others don't find their scoring touch soon .

It's an interesting dynamic how they have chosen an upbeat tempo over a more take care of the ball low post approach that the triangle offers , not saying it won't work .... just know up to now it has'nt had great success when it comes to winning chips in the playoffs . I guess for now i'll take a wait and see approach but to be honest i would have rather had Phil .