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Scratch Soto. He's signed. And it looks like Ludwick is returning to Cincy. The trouble is that you are not really talking about lower cost targets here, unless you mean lower than Upton, Bourn or Napoli. Victorino is looking for 3 years/$30 million. We should be able to afford that, especially if Sandy backloaded it. But so far they don't seem inclined to pursue anyone who costs that much. Hairston is still a possibility. We could probably get him for 2 years/$6-7 million, slightly backloaded. We don't seem to be pursuing him very aggressively, but that could be because Scott wants to gauge his value with other teams. I hope Sandy steps up when the time comes and gets him to ink a deal.

All we've heard mentioned so far is Miguel Olivo, who may not be as weak as Nickeas, but would not provide the right handed bat we need to complement, or hopefully replace, Thole. And they just mentioned that our people will meet with Cesar Izturis. We do need a utility infielder, but Izturis is an offensive downgrade from Cedeno, who did well for us last year, or from Ryan Theriot, who would be a good addition as well. Izturis, though, is strong defensively (could be a late inning replacement) and would be cheaper than any of the others mentioned.

Actually, I think (and fervently hope) that we will find our outfielders and catcher in the trade market this winter. I won't speculate on available outfielders, because we could get some quality young players in a trade for Dickey. But for catcher, both Saltalamacchia and Arencibia seem to be available, and either would be more than satisfactory.

For a few real lower cost targets, though, how about these non-tenders:

Derrick Robinson, a 25 yr old switch hitting center fielder who has middling minor league stats, but in 2008-2011 stole 62, 69, 50 & 55 bases. Ciould be used off the bench as a pinch runner and late inning defensive replacement.

Peter Moylan, who would probably accept an incentive laden contract, and if he is healthy could help bolster the bull pen.

Jair Jurjjens, who could also be signed to an incentive contract and who could make a major addition to the rotation if Dickey is taded.
I would cream my pants if we could sign Jurjjens