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We will see who wants RA but that's not a feasible deal, we won't give up two quality SP and Murphy for Arencibia, Marisnick, Sierra and Stilson.
I believe he is talking about just Niese, not both. I think most agree that Niese would be worth more than Dickey because of his age and long range potential, despite R.A. being a Cy Young candidate.

But personally, I'm not giving up Niese that easily, and if Murphy is included I want much more back. I'd ask for D'Arnaud, Marisnick, Danny Barnes and Kevin Pillar. If they stood firm on D'Arnaud and would only include Arencibia, I'd want them to add Sean Nolin. Personally, I don't think much of either Sierra or Stilson. So, if they really want Niese, my deal would be:

Niese and Murphy (and maybe a good lower level prospect) for Arencibia, Marisnick, Nolin, Barnes & Pillar.