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    Quote Originally Posted by {Ron!n} View Post
    Thats a load of crock. There is no way any of us sitting at home can pretend to know what goes on in Cutlers head. That stigma that hes a quitter is just a stigma that has been perpetuated by the idiotic media. Its just like Romanowski claiming that Peyton falls behind in games on purpose to simulate his comeback.

    There is no logical reason for anybody to believe that Cutler collapses under pressure. If that were true he wouldn't be enjoying his time in Chicago. And if that were true he would have requested a trade a long time ago before getting his brains bashed in.

    These athletes work all their life for the sole purpose of making it to the big show and winning it all.
    There is absolutely no basis for anybody insinuating that Cutler "checked out" of the NFC Championship game or that he used the injury as a crutch.

    I think we would have won, or we would have come extremely close to winning. As has been mentioned, the D completely shut down GB in the 2nd half and Caleb Hanie almost won it for us. Plus Cutler statistically is better in the 2nd half.

    Not to mention, even if we didn't everybody agrees that Cutler has a problem with GB and at that time the O-Line was just as crappy and we didnt have a fella by the name of Brandon Marshall.

    I don't see how that has anything to do with it though. Cutler is the Bears best QB ever. They won a SB in '85 with McMahon and Cutler can do at least what he did. And its not like there are or were any better options out there other than Cutler.

    I really don't get why people forget how unbelievably amazing Cutler was last year before his thumb injury. The talent is clearly there.
    Not all athletes have that mentality. Not all athletes have the heart to do so. Some are talented, but they don't have the heart, or the drive. There's plenty of athletes like that. I see them every day. And not all play for a championship. Some play for money, some play for their next big pay day. And a lot play for minutes/or to start. That's reality dude. I know the typical fan think that these athletes play for the sole reason of a championship but it's not the case in a lot of situations.

    To think we would've beaten GB in the NFC championship is just the fan in you talking. But the proof was in the pudding. Cutler was playing like the way he usually play against GB, which is pretty poor. He played poorly against GB from the moment he has gotten here and it still continues.

    Here are some notes I won't you to pay attention as to why I think Cutler will ultimately fail and it's just a matter of time before the casual fan realizes it.

    * big arm, but bad mechanics. Throws off the back foot is ok at times but he does it way to much.
    * forces to many passes.
    * He will throw into double coverage.
    * clearly gets frustrated when things don't pan out and he let it show in his play.
    * decision making. It's not the fact that he throws a lot of int's, but it's the type of int's. Every great QB will throw an INT, that's a fact. But the int's that Cutler will throw is almost mind boggling. Some Int's you simply can't avoid, like a tip pass or defender making a ridiculous play. Cutler will throw an INT to a defender that he had no business throwing that ball.

    Charles Woodson was on the money with his comment. We win IMO because of the championship caliber defense. Not because of Cutler. You can put in atleast 12 QB's(probably more) in his place and we will still have the same record.
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