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    Has anyone ever volunteered before?

    The PGA Championship will be here in August and they offer the chance to be a volunteer. You pay 225 bucks to work at least 16 hours, but you get some apparel, food vouchers, and access to the grounds all 7 days. Im thinking of working the Information booth or something and am wondering if anylne else has ever done this?

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    I had a bunch of buddies that caddied for the Pro-Am at Firestone when I was in high school...that worked out well for them. The amateur paid them for caddying and the pro that they played with usually gave them a little something extra (Mickleson gave a buddy $200, Daly was good for $250, Couples gave them NOT A DAMN THING, others were good for autographs, a couple were good for a club or two).

    My uncle used to volunteer at Firestone every year as well...he got a few nice pullovers, hats, polos, etc... each year...not to mention being able to be INSIDE the ropes!

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    i've worked on LPGA tournaments that my course has hosted, but that's it. it's definitely something i'll want to do down the road when i'm a superintendent at a course. it's a **** ton of fun to work grounds during tournaments.

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