The problem is that our O line doesn't open up gaping holes. What holes they do open, aren't open long enough for Turner to hit because he has lost the speed and explosiveness he once had. It's a combination of the line and Turner, but we know this, so they should use the back that can get to those holes fast enough. It's not going to be Turner. I also like what Koetter said. We have a much higher percentage converting 3rd and 4-7 than we do 3rd and 1-3. He mentioned maybe keeping the playbook completely open in those scenarios instead of just trying to get the yard (which is what the defense is waiting on). If we passed in a situation like that, defenses wouldn't know what hit them because we have been, sadly, quite predictable when it comes to those situations lining up with a single back and trying to punch it in. It hasn't worked since last year. Time to adapt the playbook to what advantages we have. The way the D lines up against us in those situations, Tony, Roddy, or Julio is in a one on one matchup. Trust whoever has that matchup to win it, and pass to them.