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Thread: OT: Philly help

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    Nov 2012

    OT: Philly help

    Hey guys,

    new to the board, Im a basketball coach from the UK, who will be visiting the Sixers in December (hopefully). I have flights sorted, but obviously I have NO IDEA where to stay or where im going. I have friends in the organisation, but they have families and to be honest I want my own crash pad. Im trying to find something in Philly, fairly close to the arena, but under $80 a night (cheaper the better, but no DIVES)

    Any advice or recommendations would BE GREAT!



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    My wife and I work downtown. During weather emergencies, she uses, hotwire, or something similar. It doesn't tell you the exact hotel when you get the price. But it's generally a nice one....and I could be wrong but I think you can narrow it down to a couple of hotels based on the description before you book. I think we spent under 100 per night and sometimes stayed in some of the nicer hotels in the city.

    If you don't mind walking a few blocks to switch hotels in the middle of your stay, this is a decent way to go....more hotel for the dollar....and what I would recommend if you are staying downtown. Someone might have a better suggestion.
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    Just get a hotel in center city and pick up a cab to the stadium. It's about 15 minutes. If you really wanted to though, there is a holiday inn right behind the Phillies stadium which would be about a 10 minute walk to the Wells Fargo Center

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    Thank you for all the advice! It has really helped out!



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