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Both Cofield and Joseph are 1-tech players while Canty is a 3. Canty has been solid. This team needed an Austin to step up.

As far as last night, the defenders were in position, they just could find the football. Players were tackling bodies without the football and didn't have the angle on the guys with the football. It was mass confusion by a QB who not took what the Giants gave him but took what he wanted.

RGIII - defender goes right, he goes left - defender goes left, he goes right - defender stays at home, he threw a backyard football easy slant. It was insane

IMO, RGIII running this offense will not last in this league b/c of the hits he takes. Until those wheels get damaged however, he's a problem. Giants defenders were often where they were supposed to be and RGIII still confused them.
basically, as long as RG3 is healthy and with Skins adding more pieces to the team, rest of the NFC East are ****ed.