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I've said many times the devil is in the details. You're absolutely right, anyone is tradeable for the right deal. But that's not what we're talking about here, or at least that's not what I'm talking about.

The Mets have given us every indication so far that winning is not the priority. Rather, the idea is to build a team by spending the least amount of money possible as opposed to putting the best players possible on the team.

Yes, I have a bias for Robert Allen. No newsflash there. But my biased is based on Dickey being the best pitcher in the NL this past season. And despite his age, he can be among the best pitchers in baseball for the next 5 seasons.

Why would any team be so eager to trade someone like that? I get that the Mets have a lot of holes. And to reiterate, yes, even RA should be traded for the right package of players.

Again, here's my concern: If he were under team control for the next 3 seasons, would the Mets be in conversations to trade him? If not, than these conversations are not based on what's best for the team but for what's best to keep the Wilpons as viable owners. And that, my good friend, is not a strategy compatible with winning baseball.

But you know what? You can ignore everything i just said. Go right ahead. But whatever you do, DON'T TAKE MY F-ING CANDY AWAY FROM ME!!!!!!!
FoC, you know I respect you, both as a person and as a student of the game. I hope you didn't take my comment the wrong way. Your bias for Robert Allen is well deserved. I think Dickey is an outstanding pitcher and a suberb human being, and I hope that he is a Met for a long time to come. But I am just saying that the reason they may trade him is not because he is so good and they are not committed to winning. They will trade him either because they connot or will not meet his demands regarding an extension, or because they are overwhelmed by what they are offered for him.

If he were under team control for the next 3 seasons, they might not trade him. But you could say the very same thing about Milwaukee trading Greinke, Toronto trading Halliday, or Minnesota trading Santana. Teams trade stars the year before they might lose them in free agency. In all those cases, the owners did what they thought was best for the team. And that, MY good friend, is a strategy that is absolutely compatible with winning baseball. If you feel you can improve the team more by trading a player than by keeping him, you do it. How many fans here have griped that we didn't trade Reyes before 2011 because they think that would have been better than the team?

Now, eat your candy and enjoy.